Honor Roll of Donors

Working together to make the world a better place for all cats


Thank you to our donors at all levels over the past year. While space prevents us from listing all names, please know that your support is deeply appreciated.

* Denotes deceased

$750,000 and above

Ms. Ann R. Hardy *

$100,000 – $250,000

Mr. Jules H. Drucker*
Ms. Susan M. Seidman*

$10,000 – $25,000

Dr. Beth J. Benson
Mrs. Mary Ann Clifford and Mr. Patrick J. Clifford
Dr. Andrew Faigen
Ms. Sherry L. Ferguson and Mr. Robert B. Zoellick
Ms. Janet C. Hauser*
Jeffery Trust
Ms. Dorothy M. Palmer*
Paul and Lea Levine Foundation
Dr. Donald C. Powell and Mrs. Rita L. Powell
Mr. William S. Wesson* and Mrs. Janet H. Wesson

$5,000 – $9,999

Ms. Janice N. Bechtel
Draper Foundation Fund
Ms. Martha Jane Dodge
Mr. Michael E. Kroboth
Dr. Richard W. Reid
Mr. Kenneth J. Sharigian and Ms. Patricia M. Armstrong
Ms. Carol Kay Stocker

$1,000 – $4,999

Ms. Elizabeth E. Albon
Ms. Jane Blake
Mr. James D. Calore
Ms. Jane E. Clifford
Dr. Steven J. Cohen and Mrs. Deborah L. Cohen
Ms. Kelly Conaty
Mr. Gerald R. Cook
Col. Lawrence Carroll Crockett and Mrs. Ellen V. Crockett
Dr. Colleen E. Currigan
Ms. Lisa M. Danielsen
Ms. Sylvia D’Aprix and Mr. Barry R. D’Aprix
Mr. Roger D. Ditman and Ms. Barbara Ditman
Ms. Sharon Ferguson
Ms. Paulette B. Fownes
Ms. Frances A. Frey
Dr. Mark N. Frolick and Ms. Emily S. Frolick
Ms. Christine A. Guy
Mr. James B. Hirsch
Mr. Wesley W. Hoffmaster and Mrs. Lyn Hoffmaster
Ms. Susan Hostler
Ms. Rose-Marie Jacobius
Dr. Mark Johnson
Mr. Alan R. Kahn
Dr. Peter L. Malnati Jr. and Mrs. Gail Malnati
Dr. Lloyd E. Miller
Mrs. Marian K. Mills and Mr. James E. Mills
Mrs. Gloria J. Modrell
Ms. Jennifer Neel
Mr. Charles C. Philipp
Mr. Mark Rosen and Ms. Tamara Kirson
Ms. Regina M. Rubenstein
Mrs. Randi Ellen Scholnick-Philippidis and Mr. Adam Philippidis
Ms. Catherine Schulman
Dr. Fredric Winthrop Scott and Mrs. Lois Scott
Ms. Frances M. Shloss
Dr. Barbara J. Siepierski
Ms. Sandra L. Simpson
Dr. David D. Stahl and Ms. Marcia Stahl
Mrs. Mary Louise Stanton
Ms. Elizabeth Stolpe
Dr. Jonathan P. Walker
Ms. Patricia Ann Watson
Mrs. Joanne M. Williams
Mr. J. D. Woods
Mr. Michael D. Zemsky

$500 – $999

Mrs. Judith Solomon Baum and Dr. Gary Mark Baum
Ms. Barbara Bryant
Mr. Richard L. Canel Jr.
Mr. Theodore Chu
Ms. Christine Simon Coats
Ms. Kay L. Culver
Mr. Casey Danielsen
Ms. Carol W. Dean
Mrs. Margaret I. DeBerry
Mr. Paul A. DuCommun
Dr. Robert H. Foley Jr.
Ms. Madeleine Frankel
Ms. Tamberly A. Gobert and Mr. John Hinzelman
Ms. Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman
Mr. Steve Hill
Ms. Retta Holefca
Ms. Alice Hutchinson
Ms. Berti S. Jones
Dr. John R. Kennedy
Ms. Angela Lennox Kay
Ms. Bettina G. Longaker
Ms. Nancy J. McMullen
Ms. Susan S. Menson
Mr. Edward J. Nowak
Mr. Christopher R. Picaut and Ms. Patrice Molnar Picaut
Ms. Susan J. Pinciaro
Ms. Elizabeth R. Rea
Ms. Charlotte Savidge
Mrs. Mary Jane G. Scott
Ms. Ingrid A. Spatt
Ms. Jaclyn A. Spear
Ms. Nancy H. Stetson
Ms. Joan Susha
Dr. Robert N. Swanson and Ms. Rosemary D. Karaka
Mrs. Lois E. Thompson
Dr. Carvel G. Tiekert and Mrs. Lorraine Tiekert
Mr. Henry P. Trawick
Mr. Heber Vellon and Ms. Susan Joy Lacey
Dr. Tina Louise Waltke and Ms. Mary Jane Constant
Mr. Gregory W. Warmuth and Ms. Paula J. Warmuth
Ms. Janice N. Weiss
Mr. Thomas R. Yarborough


Ms. Elizabeth N. Allred
Ms. Kathleen T. Arnold
Ms. Renee J. Arst
Mr. William D. Bastow and Ms. Patricia A. Green
Dr. Peter W. Bloch
Mr. Louis M. Borgia
Dr. Barbara Altman Bruno
Ms. Margaret M. Burt
Ms. Deirdre Claiborne
Ms. Rae Clark
Mrs. Diane Crain
Ms. Judith A. Dannible
Mr. Peter Dobler
Ms. Judy A. Doi
Mrs. Carol S. Duesi
Mr. John Dwyer and Mrs. Rita Dwyer
Dr. Alan M. Farber
Ms. Alyssa Tova Finkelstein
Ms. Susan E. Fisher
Mr. Michael J. Franconi
Ms. Pamela Frankel
Mr. Thomas J. Froehlich
Mr. W. Gregory Gallagher
Ms. Ericia Gertsch
Ms. Lisa Gluck
Mrs. Kathryn Munari Gouldie
Mrs. Eleanor Govesky
Mr. Bryan Talbert and Ms. Nancy Gregorich
Ms. Janet K. Hathaway
Ms. Megan Hockwalt
Ms. Colleen T. Hudgens
Ms. Victoria P. Hulick
Mr. Anthony D. Hutcherson
Mr. Lee R. Johnson
Ms. Kate Keller
Dr. Timothy A. Kneen
Dr. Arthur I. Kronfeld
Ms. Michele Lisi
Ms. Roberta E. Litzinger
Dr. Jay I. Luger
Ms. Aura Mager
Ms. Carole Mathews
Ms. Elizabeth McCrum
Ms. Carol A. McKendry
Ms. Sarah Medvitz
Mrs. Patricia G. Meier
Ms. Louisa Mendels
Ms. Margaret A. Miles
Ms. M. Josette Mowlem
Ms. Amy L. Mowrey
Ms. Marlene J. Neville
Mr. Emil F. Novak
Dr. Kathy G. O’Neal and Dr. Walter Cecil Smith
Dr. Colin Ross Parrish and Dr. Debra Nero
Ms. Linda Pavey
Ms. Hillary L. Pettegrew
Mr. Elliot Einzig Porter
Mr. Richard N. Reciniello
Ms. Diane Reed
Ms. Terri Reicher
Ms. Kelly Rezny
Ms. Suzanne Rieder
Ms. Rona Rosenberg
Dr. Carole A. Sack
Ms. Nancy L. Slaybaugh
Dr. Mariko H. Soto
Mr. Richard Steeg and Ms. Jayne Bourke
Dr. Gayle Elizabeth Sternefeld
Mr. Shepard B. Stone
Ms. Alice A. Strauss
Ms. Maleyne M. Syracuse
Ms. Carole Rapp Thompson and Mr. Paul M. Thompson
Dr. Stanley J. Truffini
Ms. Margo L. Vivero
Ms. Dorothy Walizer
Ms. Carol L. Weiser
Ms. Claire Wichrowski
Dr. Reinemarie T. Willimann
Mrs. Marlene C. Winters
Mr. Douglas L. Wolford and Ms. Laura Wolford
Mr. Charles Yochim