Elizabeth’s Wish List

Helping less fortunate cats live better, healthier lives


Elizabeth has been the Center’s ambassador for many years now and has compiled her most recent Wish List items to share with her friends and loyal supporters. If you are able to lend a helping paw, Elizabeth and her feline friends appreciate all gifts, great and small!

If you would like to purchase one of these items, please contact our Office of Alumni Affairs and Development: 607.253.3093 or vetfriends@cornell.edu, or donate online at www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/giving, letting us know which item you would like to purchase.

Thank you on behalf of cats everywhere!


Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program™

The Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell provides direct care to homeless animals in regional shelters, consultation to shelters nationally and internationally, and shelter medicine training to veterinary students, veterinarians, and shelter staff. Learn more information about Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell.

  • Surgivet anesthesia monitor for shelter cats – $1,200
  • Radioactive iodine treatment for one shelter cat with hyperthyroidism – $1,500
  • Anesthesia machine for shelter-based surgical training clinic – $5,000
  • Digital dental x-ray unit for shelter cat dentistry – $18,000


CVM’s Community Practice Service

CVM’s Community Practice Service is collaborating with Shelter Outreach Services, a non-profit organization that conducts a high quality, high volume spay and neuter program. The following items can be shared by both programs and will decrease the stress levels of their feline patients, enhance the safety and handling of its patients, and provide quality medical care including accurate drug dosing and anesthetic monitoring. Items are listed in order of priority.

  • Squeeze cage$400
    This cage would allow the veterinary medical team to safely transfer and manage anxious or feral cats by minimizing their handling and stress and to promote a safe working environment for the medical team.
  • Baby scale$275
    All cats are weighed for accurate dosing of anesthetic drugs, pain medications, antibiotics, flea and ear mite treatments, and de-worming products.
  • Clam$150
    This item allows safe handling and transfer of anxious or feral cats, minimizing their handling and stress and promoting a safe working environment for the veterinary medical team.
  • Surgical warming system$3,200
    Illness and anesthesia alone or in combination can predispose cats to hypothermia, thereby delaying their recovery and affecting their prognosis.
  • Hot water pump$450
    Ill cats or patients under anesthesia have impaired thermoregulation, which can predispose cats to hypothermia, delayed recovery, and impact prognosis.
  • Pulse oximeter$475
    This item measures the amount of oxygen in the blood of patients, and can be used for monitoring during anesthesia or to evaluate an ill cat’s clinical status and pain control.
  • Pulse oximeter veterinary sensor$550
    (needed to work with the pulse oximeter listed above)
  • Portable table mounted surgery light$1,250
    This product will come in handy when the veterinary medical team is doing feline surgical procedures in shelters and SPCAs, as these venues are not built with the intention of performing surgery. Poor surgical lighting contributes to slower surgeries, longer anesthetic times, and possibly prolonged recoveries and hypothermia.

The Field, Abroad, Reaching-out Veterinarians (FARVets) Program

The FARVets program coordinates trips abroad to work with foreign feline welfare organizations in their spay and neuter efforts to control feral cat populations. Led by Cornell veterinarians, students are provided with vital surgical experience while helping address the considerable feline welfare issues in these countries.

  • Clippers$200
  • Laryngoscope$175
  • New sets of surgery instruments – $350
  • Suture for sterilization surgeries$400
  • Positioning troughs for surgeries – $150
  • Anesthetic medications$250-500
  • New portable tables$150
  • Squeeze cage$100
  • Headlamps$100
  • New sets of surgical scrubs$150

“With items purchased by generous donors from Elizabeth’s Wish List, FARVets has been able to positively affect communities both locally and abroad by helping with overpopulation and welfare issues of dogs and cats. FARVets has helped farmers, property owners, and trap-neuter-return (TNR) organizations locally with feral and barn cat populations. We have also been able to help small communities in places like Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Nicaragua by implementing clinics and empowering the local communities to continue such clinics once FARVets has left. This outreach has been greatly appreciated by all, and FARVets is very grateful to our donors!”

– Paul Maza, DVM, PhD
Director of FARVets