Advanced magnetic resonance imaging in the normal feline brain

Philippa J. Johnson, BVSc, MSc, CertVDI | Sofia Cerda-Gonzalez, DVM

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which uses magnetic fields to image the inside of the body, has revolutionized the diagnosis and management of a number of diseases that were previously difficult to identify in clinical patients. The brain is one region of the body that MRI has provided dramatic improvements in our ability to image, but we still know little about the normal structure of the feline brain using MRI. This study is focused on using this advanced imaging technique to characterize normal feline brain structure, information which is required to then diagnose structural abnormalities in the brains of cats with a variety of diseases.

MRI images of a normal cat brain, taken from different points of view. The colorful image shows the path of individual neurons.